Prayer for the day

Triple Celebration Today:
104 months with Sharksfin
Potling’s 13th Gestational Week
Official Move-in Date (but we’re really just cleaning the house tonight)
Dear Sharksfin, Potling and The Big Man From Up There,

May I know Thee more clearly,
Love Thee more dearly and
Follow Thee more nearly, day by day.

~Saint Richard of Chichester

Craving Normalcy

A highschool batchmate is pregnant. I am seriously happy for the expecting couple. The news just triggered a totally unexpected response from my boiling hormones. I suddenly craved for no less than the guilty pleasure (for me) of normalcy.

Natural laws have written the ideal plot of the story that's been repeatedly told with different names – including the expecting couple I mentioned at the opening paragraph of this entry:

1. Man and woman fall in love.
2. Man proposes to wed.
3. Man and woman prepare for wedding.
4. Man and woman get married while preparing their nest.
5. Man and woman move in to their nest.
6. Man and woman get pregnant.

I learned about the batchmate's pregnancy, a few minutes after I finished making phone calls in preparation for our civil wedding. I am 12 weeks and 4 days pregnant and on Thursday, we're supposed to be moving in to our first nest. I spent the last hour reading articles about interior design basics. I had to remind myself to stop being excited because no decorating will happen until maybe a few months from now. All purchases and actions, for now, will be "utilitarian" as there are more important tasks at hand (plus major upcoming expenses).

Then I started to feel a little sorry for myself.

Envy. The sixth deadly sin.

Thank heavens for triple choco boom.

Craving Normalcy


Muntik na akong nagka-raket sa pagsusulat ng mga articles na pang-blog. Ang gusto nung project head, tungkol sa outsourcing – ang slant, yung mga real experiences. Ang target audience ay hindi yung mga nagtatrabaho sa BPO kundi ang mga kumpanya na pumapasok sa Outsourcing. Eto ang sinulat ko… hindi na natuloy ang raket eh. Saka na lang pag mas may panahon na.
The Service Agreement has been signed. Our vows: your customers are our customers, we will build lasting relationship with them. Your promise: you’ll pay, depending on the look o f our service levels at the end of every 30-minute interval, day, week, month, quarter, year (if you haven’t transferred your business to a more cost-effective service provider by then). But there are days when I just feel like this relationship isn’t working for me. I cannot even tell you how I feel without fear of being yelled at, if not fired for putting our dear company’s name in bad light (yes, that’s in our employee handbook).


So let me tell you what you don’t hear during our performance reviews.


  1. Your service sucks. Your customers have all the right in the world to be upset because your service sucks.
  2. No matter how great I am at call handling, no matter how well versed I am with your processes and procedures, I can’t wing it forever. We are your messengers. Give us loads of good news to share.
  3. When you send people here to visit, they don’t even ask us how we are doing – how are our calls – how is life like talking to your customers. They are enjoying their purchasing super-power, they are all over town buying pearl earrings and necklaces (and sometimes they are seen in the red light district).
  4. Sometimes, I think you don’t understand how your own business works. Please find time to attend call center management trainings. There are two popular certification bodies. Look it up: COPC and CIAC. My supervisors attended these trainings. They shared with us how things SHOULD be done – and they’re far from what you’re asking us to do.
  5. You’re building relationships with the wrong people. Our bigwigs don’t talk to your customers. Talk to us. We know far better than you do. We are your missing link to salvation.
  6. Bill our company for low employee satisfaction ratings. Notice how much you’re spending on attrition hiring? We are not happy. Our company only listens to you. If you want us to be happy, start billing our company for our happiness. Get the drift? Core principle: happy employees mean happy customers. Your customer satisfaction survey results are directly proportional to our satisfaction with our work. You are our link to happiness. Clients are God. Please inject some divine intervention into our lives by telling our company that you want happy people on the phones.
  7. Beggars can’t be choosy. Admit it. You’re outsourcing because you want to save. So don’t be such whiners and loudmouths when things go wrong (how many of us have you fired because of one single call you chanced upon – “I want him out of the floor!”). It’s an Asian core value – work with what you have. You’re working with Asians, work with what you have – us. Work WITH us.


There’s more… but I’d let you do the probing. After all, you’re in the industry that thrives on LISTENING.



Word Count: 513

Sapul sa Puso…

Wag nang malumbay
ang pag-ibig ko ay tunay
sabihin man ng ‘yung nanay na
wala akong silbi sa buhay…

Wag nang malumbay
ang pag-ibig ko ay tunay
sabihin man nang yung kapit bahay
na di ako nag susuklay…

Mabuhay ang EHEADS!

Optimus Prime

Hindi ako fan… naalala ko lang pangalan niya – OPTIMUS PRIME. For some strange (at hindi ako nagrereklamo) reason, I feel PRIMARILY OPTIMISTIC! Wow yan para sa akin, bago yan! Oo na, ang baso ay madalas na half-empty-and-about-to-fall-from-the-edge-of-the-table-look-out!!! sa aking pananaw.

Gusto ko na makabangon ulit.

Kasi mamimili pa kami ni Sharksfin ng maraming maraming gamit para sa aming bahay-bahayan. At magde-decorate kami!

Kasi mamimili pa kami ni Sharksfin ng mga gamit ni Potling.

Kasi gusto ko mag-date kami ni Sharksfin tuwing weekend.

Kasi miss na miss ko na magluto at mamalengke.

Kasi gusto ko na maglakad ulit (puwede raw lakarin from office hanggang bahay-bahayan namin) – or kung papayagan, makalangoy man lang!

Kasi maghahanap na ako ng bagong trabaho. Kelangan simulan ko na mag-imis ng gamit, etc.

Kasi aattend na kami ni Sharksfin simula ngayon sa lahat ng events na invited kami (sana sa Sunday makapunta kami sa birthday ng bebetong ni Krisi at Papa Mark).

Thank you Sharksfin. Thank you family. Thank you Potling. Thank you God.

At Enfamama, Duphaston and Duvadilan.

This Isn’t Another "He Said – She Said" Piece

When friends, colleagues and acquaintances found out about my pregnancy and upcoming marriage, the perennial questions I got asked was:

  • From those that don’t know anything about Sharksfin: Sinong tatay?
  • From those that know (interactions they’ve had with him range from zero to several) Sharksfin: Anong sabi ni Sharksfin? Kumusta naman si Sharksfin? Excited ba siya? Naglilihi ba siya?
  • Of course there are questions about ME too

I’m nearing my 11th week of pregnancy and dear friends (bullet 2, and those from bullet 1 that already know about Sharksfin) still ask about Sharksfin ALL THE TIME.

Sharksfin’s friends, colleagues and acquaintances have been interestingly oblivious to the mother of their friend’s unborn child. There are no questions about ME. I personally saw an email exchange with Sharksfin’s friend that found out about Potling and the only reaction was congratulations, how’s everybody doing (conversation progressed to updates about everybody in the workplace)?

My mind wanders. I’m confident that the oblivion (in)deliberately thrown towards my direction has nothing to do with the fact that I have yet to meet these people (or only met them once). The people from my world are on the same page with Sharksfin but they still ask about him.

Could it be that I am not welcome in their world?
Could it be that they don’t like me for Sharksfin?
Could it be that I’m just paying too much attention to things that should/could be ignored?
Could this be hormonal?

I don’t know. I just cringe over the thought that come my wedding day, or Potling’s baptismal, or Potling’s first birthday… I’ll have to welcome these people in our home/gatherings… and I am not allowed to return the favor of being OBLIVIOUS to my role in Sharksfin’s life. I have to be the warm and welcoming hostess-wife-mother.

Let social etiquette be damned before this happens.