French Tipped


Ode to the last  entry.

I  got a lousy manicure job. I was told that because the wall fan’s set on high while I was having my nails done,  instead of coming up shning, shimmering and splendid, my nails looked like the surface of barely-cooked rice. They were terribly ugly, I tried my best not to cry. And there was no time to have my nails un-done, then done.

But there’s hope. They looked pretty from afar – and on pics too. So the terrible nail job stayed. Surprisingly, them nails didn’t matter that beautiful Saturday afternoon.

We’re married.

It’s all that matters.


(Two Days) Just Let Me Color My Nails

My grand plans:

  • end my shift early today, Thursday, to spend some quiet quality time with my partner, my family and my self  (plus there’s one item on my to-do-list – pick up the phone from Semicon because I want that phone to be with me on my wedding day)
  • Friday morning – while partner is spending time with his family – go to church ALONE
  • Friday lunchtime to early afternoon – clean the fridge and the laundry area at home – I want all the trash to be out of the house before D Day; iron our “outfit” for Saturday
  • Friday early evening – trip to the parlor (my first EVER for my nails) and quality time with partner while waiting for the nail polish to dry… and for the rest of the evening
  • Saturday – more quality time until it’s time to prepare for the 5 PM affair

Domino effect strikes again. I’m obviously still at work. Damn it.

Well, at least I was able to configure my dream out-of-office message —  the last one to be written with my maiden name..

“Thank you for your email. I will be back in the office by Tuesday (01/20/09). Due to a very important personal event, I will not be able to respond to emails, phone calls and SMS while I’m out.”

Murphy’s Law. Stay fucking away from me.

What’s Your Score? I’m at 8/10

Top Ten Reasons to Quit Your Job
By Susan M. Heathfield,

These are the top ten reasons why you might want to quit your current job. These are difficult, if not impossible, work problems to solve. You need to look out for your best interests. Your job consumes too many hours of too many days of your life for you to stay where you are if you’re miserable. No excuses, now. If these problems exist in your current job, make a plan, and quit your job.

1.  Your company is experiencing a downward spiral, losing customers, losing money, and rumors of possible closure, bankruptcy and failure prevail.
2.  Your relationship with your manager is damaged beyond repair. You have sought help to mend the relationship but you know it is too damaged for recovery. (Perhaps you were untrustworthy, missed work on too many days, or the manager acts like an untrustworthy jerk.) Whatever the reason, the relationship is irrecoverably damaged.
3.  Your life situation has changed. Perhaps you have married or had a baby, and the salary and benefits no longer support your life needs. You need to move on to better opportunities to support your family.
4.   Your values are at odds with the corporate culture. Perhaps your company is egalitarian and you believe in assigned parking spots for salaried employees. Your company does annual employee satisfaction surveys and you think these are a waste of time. Your company is hierarchical and you want to influence every aspect of your job. No matter where the clash is occurring, a lack of congruence with the corporate culture will destroy your attitude at work.
5.   You’ve stopped having fun and enjoying your job. No matter what changed, when you dread going to work in the morning, it’s time to quit your job.
6.   Your company is ethically challenged. Perhaps the managers lie to customers about the quality of the products or the day on which the product will ship. You become aware that the company is stealing information from competitors. Whatever the issue, don’t stay in an organization where your ethics are out of sync.
7.    For whatever reason, you have behaved in ways that are considered improper at work. You’ve missed too many days of work, slacked off on the job, failed to maintain needed skills, and / or just generally developed the reputation of a loser. That reputation, once earned, is unlikely to change; you might as well quit your job, while you have the opportunity.
8.    You’ve burned your bridges with your coworkers. Your group is not getting along in an environment that requires people to work together well. Again, at some point, the reasons don’t matter; start fresh in a new job and resolve to not let this situation happen again.
9.    Your stress level is so high at work that it is affecting your physical or mental health and your relationships with your friends and family. Watch for the signs of burnout and if they can’t be cured, move on. Read this article, Tips for Managing Stress and Change at Work for ideas about managing work stress.
10.  And the top ten reason to quit your job? You are unchallenged, need more responsibility, and seek opportunities that just don’t exist for you in your current organization. You’ve explored the current and potential options, and they are limited. It’s time to quit your job.

Maganda Pa Sa Umaga Ito

Kuwento ito ni  Abuelita

Mga 5 AM, sa bus. Kasabay ni Abuelita ang isang grupo ng mga call center boys and gels. Kagaya ng kumakalat na stereotype against call center employees – napakaingay ng boys and gels. Parang nabili na nila ang bus at barkada nila lahat ng pasahero. Hindi rin mawawala ang pasundot sundot na OA na “American ekkksent.”

Palabas sa TV sa bus ang  isang balita/docu HIMALA. Ang naalala na lang ni Abuelita, may mga ininterview at lahat ay nagi-inggles. Nung turn na ni La Aunor, tagalog ang buka ng bibig at naka-dub lang ang english translation. Hagikhikan ang mga call center boys and gels. Kesyo nakakahiya naman daw di maka-inggles, etc.

Umakyat ang dugong makabayan (at Noranian) ni Abuelita sa kanyang ulo. Bakit ang mga Hapon, Pranses, German, F4 ng Korea, etc. hindi natin pinagtatawanan kapag hindi flawless mag-inggles! So ang eksena ni Abuelita… tumayo, humarap sa mga call center boys and gels… nag-flash ng dirty finger at tumili….




Sabay baba ng bus.

Hay. Mabuhay kay Abuelita. Huwag mo lang yan gagawin araw-araw. Kung mabugbog ka, hindi na tayo full coverage sa Makati Med.

Three Days

It doesn’t feel like IT at all.

I should have gone on a five-day leave. I wanted to. But I figured, what do I do with those five days – alone – at home? So here I am, trying my best to complete the required nine hours… looking forward to nothing when I hit the inevitable nine-hour mark. 

Portent of things to come?

There will always be bills to pay and hours to clock in. Eventually, there will be children to look after. And chores chores chores. And the body can only do so much. And nights are for sleeping. And mornings are for getting up and doing the same things over and over again. And walls start to grow in that almost unthinkable existing space between husband and wife.

Talking is for distribution of tasks and financial plans and schedules. Touching is a pleasant surprise. Hugs are routinary hi’s and goodbye’s.

And when the silence and coldness of the home becomes too difficult to bear, the inhabitants rush to the door… to anywhere warmer than lukewarm.

Am I really ready for this?

I Want! I Want!

Copy That…

Another treasure from my archive… July 26, 2003. Sharksfin’s “sigh” of frustration over writing about obscure pseudo-nationalist resto’s.



Please, have the heart to dine here.

And we’ll offer everything you want. Even Jollibee’s Chickenjoy. Or crappy Celadon’s what’s its face again? Bulgogy? Whatever. Just please, help us fill our restaurant so passers-by will have the impression that we are a popular diner.

We don’t want our bosses to kick the crap out of us just because we don’t attract a hefty percentage of City Walk patrons. We’ve employed every imaginable market research and PR and advertising campaign, but it seems these have made matters even worse and to the detriment of our resto. And if this ad still doesn’t produce our desired results, this may very well be the last time you’ll hear of Mongolian Feast.

You might be asking right now, “If I give in to your pathetic request, what the hell do I get in return?”

 Well, a lot of things. For one, you’ll fire up your nationalism everytime you dine at Mongolian Feast. Since we are a 100% Filipino firm (the word “Mongolian” may mislead you, but its purposes are nothing more than “pa-effect”), you help your country’s economy rebound and recover sooner. Never mind if they blast Afghanistan to kingdom come, we never believed in free trade anyway.