How To Apply For POSTAL ID – Makati Post Office

Address: Makati Central Post Office
Cor. Ayala Buendia Ave., Makati
1200 Metro Manila
Tel. Numbers (Postal ID Unit) 844-0150, 845-4566

  1. Don’t enter through the lobby (in front of Ayala). The Postal ID Processing unit is located at the 2/F of the Post Office – you have to enter through the lobby facing Malugay, not Ayala. If you are differently abled and climbing the stairs is a challenge, please have someone accompany you. There is no elevator nor ramp. And you need to “visit” the office at least twice.
  2. After the 25th step, turn right and proceed to the Admin Office – there is no need to knock or wait for someone to tel you to “please come in.” The admin office houses the Postal ID Unit. Approach the first desk on your left. You will be given (FORM NO. 391, Application for Postal ID] and these instructions.
  • Photocopy the form. The government doesn’t have the funds to provide two copies of the form – even though they’re requiring two copies of it.
  • Prepare three 2X2 ID Pics (white background). If you wear eyeglasses, be sure to take them off before your photo op. The government doesn’t have the funds to hire and keep people that are able to recognize faces. Ask the men and women in uniform.
  • Go to the baranggay hall. Pay for a baranggay clearance – PhP 20.00 and ask whoever’s assisting you to have the baranggay captain sign the “witness” part of Form 391. Don’t expect any receipt for the PhP 20.00. It’s the government’s worth. They’re vouching for your supposed “clean records” despite zero efforts to prove that you are who you are. Be thankful.
  • Go to the city hall (that’s for Makati, rule might be different for your city) for your community tax certificate and resist the urge to lie – if you can. As with the baranggay clearance, they don’t really check your annual income. So many people have gotten away with “no job, still looking.”

3. Submit the requirements. The Postal ID Unit staff will ask you to proceed to the cashier (same room). You will pay PhP 175.00 for processing – this is a legitimate payment. It has a receipt.

4. Back to the desk of the Postal ID unit (which is really just one desk). The person in charge will copy the OR number and will ask you to pay for PhP 120.00. This covers notarization of the form (PhP 80), lamination (PhP 20) and documentary stamp (PhP 20). Since you can actually have these three things done outside of the post office, you will not get a receipt. Someone just made a business (for the umpteenth time in government offices) out of red tape.

5.  Processing time is 3 days. You will be given a phone number to call to check on the status of your ID’s processing.


Here’s the amount of time I spent on the process:

  • Step 1 – Monday – 10 minutes, I was the first customer at 8:30 AM
  • Step 2 – Tuesday – 20 minutes at the baranggay hall, 30 minutes at the post office (was the second customer after lunch break)
  • Step 3 – phonecall to check status – Thursday – TBD
  • Step 4 – Friday – hopefully releasing! – TBD
  • Steps 1 to 2 – walking – 40 minutes but it felt like 4,000 given my size

I spent:

  • Transpo – didn’t compute as the post office is directly in front of our workplace
  • Baranggay Clearance – PhP 20.00
  • ID Pics – PhP 80.00, Kameraworld package for 6 copies of 2×2 (pics were ready in less than 20 mins)
  • Legal Postal ID Processing Fee – PhP 175.00
  • Secret ID Processing Fee – PhP 120.00

To be continued…


New Category: Survival Kit – Bureaucracy

Anyone who ever had to do business with the government through its very many offices knows what a pain in the ass it is to get clear and accurate instructions from the silos that we, taxpayers, are funding to flourish. Yes, some agencies have websites – none of which can claim being up-to-date and REAL. Yes, some have call centers – and nobody answers the phones. Yes, some have information desks – and they are proven wrong by their own colleagues.

I got married last January. I’m due to give birth in April. To say that I am so FRUSTRATED with the cryptic process flows of the local government, city hall, SSS, BIR, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG, etc. Accomplishing government paperwork is like participating in Finders Keepers while nursing a sprained ankle. It makes me want to pray for civil war… For the bloody rebirth that we need as a nation.

But then again, I’ve always believed in the challenging adage that “if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” Instead of whining about the vortex that is government processes, I will just post significant information from my exploits with the monster Red Tape. Hope you find them useful.