I Love My Job

I fucking hate my workstation because people can’t fucking mind their own fucking business when they fucking pass by other people’s fucking stations. I fucking specially hate it when these people fucking blatantly stare at my motherfucking monitor when they fucking pass by. I hate it that I have been fucking hating these fucking workstations since 2006 and nothing has fucking changed since. I hate it that even if I had the fucking resources to get me a fucking privacy filter, it still won’t fucking solve the fucking problem because my fucking station is located somewhere in between the fucking Stretch from the bathroom to the pantry.
Fuck fuck fuck these working conditions.


Stink Holes

I’m beginning to think that we might have made the wrong decision when we chose to move to the apartment we’re renting now. It’s good enough for me. It’s great from a financial management perspective. But it stinks.

Our neighbor has cats that love to crap in front of our door. Our bathroom smells weird because of spaces where the ceiling and the roof should have met.

I have so many deodorizing plans but I am unable to move because I am not allowed – the tummy gets in the way whenever I try to do some real scrubbing. I easily get tired.

In my mind, I planned scrubbing the walls and floor outside of our house initially everyday, gradually moving to weekly – until the cats learn that someone now “owns” their shitting territory. Same goes for the bathroom. I could almost smell (normal) air.

I’ve always believed in doing something before complaining about anything. I am now forced to just complain.

It is frustrating.

Ditching Bogart

Bogart is Sharksfin’s scoot. While riding motorbikes (anything with two wheels not powered by leg power) scare me the way snakes do, I eventually developed a liking for the guy because of

1. The red helmet – Sharksfin got me my own helmet; it made my secret “biker chick” dream come true
2. Intimate Rides – travelling while locked in an embrace rocks; again, it made my secret “biker chick” dream come true
3. Safety Insurance – in case of an accident, at least we’re in it together; no crying girlfriend in the emergency room scenes for me

As my liking-friendship-love for Bogart bloomed, I realized the wisdom in old wives’ tales. No woman can be a part of a marriage of a man with his bike – unless she is a biker too. And an authentic, hard-core biker chick at that… The ones I’ve seen in motorcyclephilippines.com. Yes, I’ve be lurking in that site. In my attempt to befriend Bogart, I read up on motorbikes, eavesdropped on conversations among bikers at work, etc.

Well I’m no biker chick at all. My concerns are surely granny’s concerns to bikers.

Stop quickfixing the thing’s disability.
Don’t glide like a snake in traffic.
Don’t park there.

A few minutes ago, I made a decision. I am ditching Bogart. I am never riding that thing again. I am never going to look at it. I will never initiate any conversations about it. I am not touching Bogart again.

They say that in a relationship, there are things about your partner that are best left untouched-unkempt-unexamined by you. I guess Bogart is that thing in ours.

Bogart, be good.


Prayer from MASH the movie (apparently a real prayer)

O Master, Lord our God, hearken unto the prayer which we now send up to You, and bless this vehicle with Your holy right hand (+);

Send down upon it Thy guardian Angel, that all who desire to journey therein may be safely preserved and shielded from every evil end;

And as the Ethiopian, riding in the chariot and reading of Your holy prophecy, was granted faith and Grace through Your Apostle Philip,

So do You now manifest the path of salvation to Your servants who shall travel in this conveyance, that with Your helping grace they may be clothed upon with good works and after the completion of this life may be vouchsafed’ everlasting joy in Your heavenly Kingdom,

For Yours is the might, and the Kingdom, and the power, and unto You do we send up glory; to Father, and to Son, and to Holy Spirit, both now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

10-Second Kiss

(If you’re one of my two unmarried younger sisters – STOP READING!)

Tuesday AM: From 96.3 WRock… A radio blitz reminded couples about the benefits of kissing for 10 seconds everyday. The announcement just said that it’s good for the relationship – and healthy too. I immediately sent an SMS to some of the most important couples in my life. My parents, soon-to-be Ninong and Ninang Q, Buffy and Ate Mai (c/o Buffy), Batas and Bunny (c/o Batas), yes Hot Momma too. Of course, I didn’t send it to Sharksfin. I just made a mental note to “lead by example.”

Mama’s reply: Ang aga-aga halikan ang namumutawi sa bibig mo. Lagi akong nanghahalik no!
Ninang Q (replied in person): San mo na naman napulot yan. Lumalagpas kami ano! Hahaha!

Tuesday PM: When I got home, I realized that the 10-second rule is not that easy to live by. I observed what I did the moment I got in. Yes, we hugged. Yes, there were little kisses. But we had more chores. He was preparing the vegies for dinner. We then decided to just have pasta and I started cooking. Then we watched TV. Then we ate, while watching TV. Then we watched some more TV. At 11 PM, we were half-awake, we rushed to zzz-land and I bid the mental note byebye.

When I fail to do something, I either question myself or question what I was supposed to do. And since I have come to accept that yes, I was wrong, I then questioned the 10-second rule. Where did it come from?

It apparently came from a book written by Ellen Kreidman (The Ten-Second Kiss). The book talks about kissing and 8 other simple rules to live by.

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Something Special) Rules
“A magical formula for passion, pleasure and playfulness”

1. Kiss for 10 seconds everyday
2. The 5 second compliment. Compliment at least one thing your mate has said or done daily.
3. 30 minute talk. Talk and listen to each other for thirty minutes every day (with the TV off)
4. Hug for 30 seconds daily.
5. Stay connected sexually.
6. Plan a fantasy for each other.
7. Make love on the spur of the moment.
8. Laugh together – every day.
9ยท Make all your decisions based on love.

It’s been a month and 6 days since we started our blissful cohabitation. Our little one will be saying hello to us in April. We’re getting married in January (Sharksfin’s busier than busy at work). I can’t imagine how-where-when the 9 rules will fit in our lives.

I am scared. But I am ready to face the challenge.

Familia Santillan (my family at work)’s motto is – for beauty and excellence. Customizing it a bit for what I need…

For love and excellence. For excellence in love.

Kaya to!

PJ’s Promise

This is about Petroleum Jelly. No, the well is far from dry. It’s about my new-found faith, hope and love in PJ.

It was Mimay that introduced the wonders of PJ to me. She used it as lip balm when it got way too cold in the office. That was a couple of years ago. Never really tried it until I found out that I’m pregnant and the fear of almost everything – including the use of lip balm/gloss – kicked in.

For PhP 70.50, I was able to get me 100 grams of Apollo Pure Petroleum Jelly. I love/am loving/loved/it will continue to love what it does/it’s doing/it did/will continue to do for my lips. More importantly, I love/am loving/loved/will continue to love what it does/it’s doing/it did/it will continue to do for my toes. I have ballerina toes now. Pink, soft. The painful memories of chapped skin around the toenails are gone. I have yet to experience the wonders of “foot spa” but I have seen feet that went through it. My feet looks exactly like those.

For only PhP 70.50… for at least six more months.

PJ. Bakit ngayon ka lang?

My Wife Is A… Gangsta?

I spent the past three weeks doing what i’ve been dreaming of for the longest time… for three weeks, I was a full-time homemaker.

I officially returned to work today and I already miss:

… cleaning the bedroom (sweep, tidy up mess, spray Lysol lemon, leave Glade lemon gel “open” for the fresh scent to fill the room)

… cleaning the “living room” (sweep, tidy up mess, spray Lysol lemon)

… clean the bathroom (tidy up mess, “mild” floor scrubbing, spray Lysol lemon, leave Glade lemon gel “open” for the fresh scent to fill the room)

… reading (ADD reader style – juggling these books: What to Expect When Expecting, All I Ever Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, Working With Emotional Intelligence, Best Practices in Leadership Development Training, Pinoy Recipes)

… cooking dinner

… listening to all-time favorite FM stations – 94.7 and 96.3

… ok, ok, for quite some time – watching Simpsons over and over and over…

… cross-stitching in between tasks

… taking a bath with the end goal of no less than freshness before Sharksfin arrives from work (timing matters!)

My shift’s about to end… I’d be lucky if I will still be able to squeeze in one to two of these activities – aside from cooking dinner – before exhaustion drives me to zzzzzz-land.

Not complaining at all… I guess this is an almost-expression of CONTENTMENT from someone who’s always had something to complain about.

Never felt so blessed, loved and happy. I don’t know how to handle it. Hah.