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The best phone I ever had WAS a shutterbug-friendly SEK810i. The phone was a Christmas gift from Sharksfin. I fell in love with the phone due to these features:

  • Sony Cyber-shot camera (3.2 megapixels) – didn’t spend any day without taking at least one pic
  • MS Outlook calendar sync function – for work and play 🙂
  • Music – 512 MB may be too small for some, but it was enough for me. I listened to music on my way to work – Madonna (Hard Candy Album) was with me all the time. SEK810i sounds “better” than any Nokia phone.

The phone, unfortunately, dived into a toilet bowl. This was after I saw my mucus plug (I think). My sister attempted to revive the phone throug the rice grains/silica gel technique. She was successful. The grains sucked all the water/moisture out of the phone. But something must have been injured badly as the phone died after a few days.

I’ve already accepted the fact that the phone’s gone. Despite the sadness, I find the SIMPLER life without a mobile phone refreshing and rejuvenating. There is no pressure to reply to messages and phone calls. There’s a handful of people that I miss. But I know, that this “temporary” set-up will only make our next hello’s sweeter.


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