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The best phone I ever had WAS a shutterbug-friendly SEK810i. The phone was a Christmas gift from Sharksfin. I fell in love with the phone due to these features:

  • Sony Cyber-shot camera (3.2 megapixels) – didn’t spend any day without taking at least one pic
  • MS Outlook calendar sync function – for work and play 🙂
  • Music – 512 MB may be too small for some, but it was enough for me. I listened to music on my way to work – Madonna (Hard Candy Album) was with me all the time. SEK810i sounds “better” than any Nokia phone.

The phone, unfortunately, dived into a toilet bowl. This was after I saw my mucus plug (I think). My sister attempted to revive the phone throug the rice grains/silica gel technique. She was successful. The grains sucked all the water/moisture out of the phone. But something must have been injured badly as the phone died after a few days.

I’ve already accepted the fact that the phone’s gone. Despite the sadness, I find the SIMPLER life without a mobile phone refreshing and rejuvenating. There is no pressure to reply to messages and phone calls. There’s a handful of people that I miss. But I know, that this “temporary” set-up will only make our next hello’s sweeter.


Kung puwede lang,
idudugsong kita sa makirot kong balakang
sa dakong tadyang
kung saan, ayon sa alamat,
dinukot ako para ka makapisan

Ang pugad ng ating supling
ay tatawid sa iyong tagiliran
sabay tayong ngingiwi sa bawat tadyak
at bundol ng bumbunan
sa ating mga pantog

Pareho tayong matatali
sa bahay
sa higaan
sa upuan
Pikit mata, kakalimutang may trabaho sa opisina
(at mapabalitang iresponsable o sadyang maarte dahil daw
“Pregnancy is not a disease”)

Dahil ang pagiging inahin/amahin
ay trabahong hindi maaaring paghintayin

Pero dahil kami,
ayon sa alamat,
ang kumagat sa mansanas
Mananalangin na lang

Na kung puwede lang
Hindi na sana kailangang magpaliwanag
Para maunawaan

Para sa lahat ng buntis ngayong tag-init.

Love Letter After Marriage

From Robert to Elizabeth

You will only expect a few words, what will those be?

When the heart is full it may run over, but the real fullness stays within.

You asked me yesterday “if I should repent?”

Yes, my own Ba, I could with all the past were to do over again, that in it I might somewhat more, never so little more, conform in the outward homage, to the inward feeling, What I have professed, (for I have performed nothing) seems to fall short of what my first love required even, and when I think of this moment’s love…I could repent, as I say.

Words can never tell you, however, form them, transform them anyway, how perfectly dear you are to me, perfectly dear to my heart and soul.

I look back, and in every one point, every word and gesture, every letter, every silence, you have been entirely perfect to me, I would not change one word, one look.

My hope and aim are to preserve this love, not to fall from it, for which I trust to God who procured it for me, and doubtless can preserve it.

Enough now, my dearest, dearest, own Ba!

You have given me the highest, completest proof of love that ever one human being gave another.

I am all gratitude, and all pride (under the proper feeling which ascribes pride to the right source) all pride that my life has been so crowned by you.

God bless you prays your very own R.

Love Letter Project – FAIL

And now for a long overdue confession.

I am extremely disappointed with the results (or the lack of it) of the LOVE LETTER PROJECT.

I requested for love letters last December and set a February deadline.

There were promises and verbal commitments. I received 5 love letters.

I therefore conclude that I was wrong about the world once again.

There is a special breed of people that love to write. And most of them are dead.

And as always, promises are made to be broken.

And like always,  friendships override disappointments.

You Belong To Me

See the pyramids around the Nile
Watch the sun rise
From the tropic isle
Just remember darling
All the while
You belong to me
See the market place
In old Algiers
Send me photographs and souvenirs
Just remember
When a dream appears
You belong to me

And I’ll be so alone without you
Maybe you’ll be lonesome too

Fly the ocean
In a silver plane
See the jungle
When it’s wet with rain
Just remember till
You’re home again
You belong to me

Oh I’ll be so alone without you
Maybe you’ll be lonesome too

Fly the ocean
In a silver plane
See the jungle
When it’s wet with rain
Just remember till
You’re home again
You belong to me

For my sisters: A Soulful Relationship

From a dear friend’s blog. Heaven on earth requires a lot of hard work.

Best wishes in life and love.

An African proverb states:

Before you get married,
keep both eyes open, and after you
marry, close one eye.

Before you get involved and make a commitment to
someone, don’t let lust, desperation,
immaturity, ignorance, pressure from others or a
low self-esteem, make you blind to warning signs.

Keep your eyes open, and don’t fool
yourself that you can change someone or that
what you see as faults aren’t really important.

Once you decide to commit to someone, over time
his or her flaws, vulnerabilities, pet peeves,
and differences will become more obvious.

If you love your mate and want the relationship to grow
and evolve, you’ve got to learn to close one eye
and not let every little thing bother you.

You and your mate have many different expectations,
emotional needs, values, dreams, weaknesses, and strengths.

You are two unique individual
children of God who have decided to share a life together.

Neither of you are perfect, but are you perfect for each other?

Do you bring out the best in each other?

Do you compliment and compromise with each other,

or do you compete, compare, and control?

What do you bring to the relationship?

Do you bring past relationships,
past hurt, past mistrust, past pain?

You can’t take someone to the altar to alter him or her.
You can’t make someone love you or make someone stay.

If you develop self-esteem, spiritual
discernment, and life quote;, you won’t find
yourself making someone else responsible for
your happiness or responsible for your pain.

Manipulation, control, jealousy, neediness, and
selfishness are not the ingredients of a
thriving, healthy, loving and lasting
relationship! Seeking status, sex, wealth, and
security are the wrong reasons to be in a
relationship. What keeps a relationship strong?

Communication, intimacy, trust, a sense of
humor, sharing household tasks, some getaway
time without business or children and daily
exchanges (a meal, shared activity, a hug, a
call, a touch, a note). Leave a nice message on
their voicemail or send a nice email.

Sharing common goals and interests.

Growth is important.

Grow together, not away from each other,

giving each other space to grow without feeling insecure.

Allow your mate to have outside interest.

You can’t always be together.
Give each other a sense of belonging and
assurances of commitment.

Don’t try to control one another.

Learn each other’s family situation.

Respect his or her parents regardless.

Don’t put pressure on each other for material goods.

Remember for richer or for poorer.

If these qualities are missing,

the relationship will erode as resentment, withdrawal, abuse,
neglect, dishonesty, and pain replace the passion.

The difference between ‘United’ and ‘Untied’ is
where you put the I.