Birthday Bash and Updates

I turned 28 last Sunday. I am still pregnant. I miss blogging.

After the gelatinously-giddy entry, I had to make a decision: share or keep story from my OBGYN. My first choice was to not let her know about it. My OBGYN is extremely dedicated to the safety and well-being of her patients. This means that every irregularity that I reporty to her almost always brings me to the Emergency Room of a hospital that’s a 120-peso cab fare away from home. It also means no less than PhP 1,500 worth of emergency room and lab fees plus meds. She doesn’t charge for the visit – how can one hate her for being so caring? She just wants to make sure ALL THE TIME that the baby and the mother-to-be are safe. Anyways, at the end of the day, I decided to tell her that I think I’ve lost the magic plug. Her follow-up question was – any contractions? Oh no… Yes. Why can’t I lie?

With that, I was ordered to visit the wonderful place that is the ER. On the afternoon of my peaceful 28th birthday. On our way out of the house, I was greeted by… S U  R  P  R  I  S  E!!! The shouting was silenced by my declaration. Sorry family, we’re on our way to the hospital. I still feel guilty for not having the (social) presence of mind to invite my parents, sisters and uncle to come in for at least a glass of water. They ended up taking me and husband to the hospital.

I was hoping I’d give birth that day, kinda bad because Potling was just 34 weeks old then. It’s becoming more and more difficult to live life like a watermelon with legs. But it wasn’t time yet. Although… once again, just to be sure, I was ordered to go on bed rest.

I haven’t written anything since that fateful day. Mulai (our laptop) is always accessible but it just didn’t make sense to wirte and not publish right away. Naks. As if, I actually have readers. But seeing that my mental notepad is running out of space due to the things I’ve been wanting to write about, I’m giving in. I’m writing in notepad and leave the date of publishing to fate (that also means to the kindness of my husband’s heart – he is my link to the world).

As for Birthday Bash? My dear friends from work prepared a special dinner/snack for me and Mother D. Ninang Q was the mastermind and Josie Pussy was the accomplice. Everybody was thoughtful, sweet and kind that day. Hope I can give back the favor of contributing to surprise lunches/snacks/dinners for ALL of them when their birthdays come. One day, I’ll write about the special people in the event. For now, I’d end this entry with Josie Pussy’s public announcement during the event.

“We are the three mothers. I am Mother Josie. He’s Mother Domeng and she is the motherfucker.”

I love it when Pussy says that. It makes me feel great about myself. Don’t ask.


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