Anak ka ng PETA!

6,000 hogs joined the death row earlier this week. The hogs tested positive for Ebola-Reston. To avoid further transmission of the virus, experts recommended that the hogs  be killed, burned and buried.

Red tide on fish. Formalin on vegies. Melamine on milk and dairy products (and my favorite Meiji Dark Chocolate!). Surprisingly, these gastronomic threats didn’t bother me as much as Ebola-Reston on pigs did.

Perhaps it did not help that a couple of days after the Ebola news aired, some folks were reported selling double-dead pigs in the metropolis. There wasn’t any direct link between the double dead pigs and the Ebola-Reston junkies. But when these sound and video bytes air on the same week, on the same show, on the same TV, and I’m sitting on the same couch, housed on the same home, next to the same (of course) husband with the same unborn baby in my womb – IT IS SO EASY TO BE SCARED.

What if the adobo I cooked last week came from the ranks of the dead hog walking? I also cooked binagoongang baboy this week. What if that’s infected meat too?

When fear (of cooking, serving and eating viand with Ebola-Reston as side-dish) and anger (to the double dead pig entrepreneurs) collide, violence becomes an instinctive response. So I do not feel any guilt for wanting to destroy the face of this PETA member that  demanded a “quick, painless, humane death” for the 6,000 infected pigs. The pig goddess went as far as to demand that she and her pig-hugging friends be allowed to witness the massacre of the Ebola-Reston infected tribe.

Context. We are a POOR country. The Department of Agriculture cannot even afford to spend one bullet per pig. I don’t know if she knew what she was talking about but I am quite sure that when death is linked to “quick, painless and humane” it means EXPENSE.

Is PETA going to pay for the lovely death of their lovely friends? Maybe. But until they can say, “we will usher these pigs to pig heaven through ____ and we will cover all costs because we have filthy rich endorsers” then they should all just fucking zip it. Advocacy is a verb. It’s not a rhetorical masterpiece.

If you love animals so much, then live with them. Share your bed with a pig. Take your shower with a cow. Or go to Malabon zoo. Find a way to be surrounded by hungry crocodiles. And when you’re about to turn into croco-crunch, think of how faithful you were to non-violence until your very last pathetic breath.

We’re all entitled to believe, live and die for something.

You love animals, fine. You cannot stand cruelty against animals, fine. I am carnivorous. I have meat to protect. Our means to meat protection can be different. I’m ok with kill, burn and bury. You’re not. So what are you going to do about it? If you can only raise your fist and scream like a banshee that pigs are friends, just get out of the way.


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